New Cities

The Copper Penny Is Now Open In West Liberty, Iowa!

Can MY city be part of this contest?

We’re always on the lookout for the next lucky community – and you don’t even have to be in Iowa; we are looking to expand to other states! Here’s what we look for:

  1. Be rural. Hey, we like the big city as much as the next schmoes, but we LOVE small cities and towns – and rural areas are most likely to need help finding an amazing restaurant. We can do one town per state, per year.
  2. Be organized. Communities most likely to get a Best Bite contest are those who have a great volunteer base and can summon up resources. The prize packages and cost of the contest come from the community, so it’s a lot of hard work and cooperation! You may be competing with another city for the honor, so keep that in mind! NOTE: Every town is different and the contest is scalable; smaller towns with lower costs will need less in prize money. We are looking for what’s most likely to WORK, not necessarily the biggest town, prize package, etc.
  3. Be realistic. A few people WANTING a restaurant isn’t enough. Can your community and the surrounding area SUPPORT a restaurant? You are asking someone to change their life and move to your town and take a BIG risk, even with a prize package.

STILL interested? All right: Click here to contact us!